Cambridge MBA2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Football match

Nov 6- One of those gloomy rainy days again!! Notwithstanding the weather, I was raring to go.My first football match in over 8 years. Can you believe it. I wasn't going to miss this one.

We were playing the Cambridge Korean boys in our penultimate MCR league match. We played only with 10 men. Reason-Many of our players were injured!!

The first half was keenly contested. With justin standing like a rock in defence and Alfredo, Panos and Jian Sun we managed to give them some anxious moments. An who can forget Nick -our Roberto Carlos? At the break it was still scoreless. In the second half we started making mistakes and were losing our steam. We conceded a few goals ....... I won'd disclose how many beacuse it does not matter.

Hey it is not about winnning. Did some wisecrack not say it is about participation not about wining!!

We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Is not that reason enough to be happy?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Matriculation Dinner

Cambridge- one of the few places where unique traditions still exist. (Including Certified Calculators) Where you are assigned to a college even though you study at the Business school. Where you wear a gown and go for formal dinners in your College and other colleges.

So it was my Matriculation dinner. I would meet not only the freshers but also the fellows of the College. We were in our gowns, with undergrads, grads and fellows all wearing different types of gowns. The food and drinks were great and in plenty!! Served in the Cambridge tradition

Got to know many people . Social occasions in College do afford an excellent place for networking and making friends.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My first MBA blog

All the candidates for Class Representative talked about what they would do for the class if they were elected.. like true politicians. Mike and I promised a free beer for everyone if we got elected. Jan and Kuo shen left no stone unturned in trying to woo the electorate. They even got posters printed and left them in all the pigeon holes.

Tomorrow(4th Nov) is election day . The results will be announced only on Monday. Have no hopes of winning, though. It is an interesting experience !!